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At Totem Web Solutions, we believe that every company — large or small —needs to secure their place online. For us, this online presence means more than just having a Website. It means having a clean, professionally designed and written site that potential customers can easily find online — a site that people respond to.
We help small companies create these Web sites by offering a full range of services based on your needs. From Web site design to search engine optimization (SEO), our focus is on building clean, modern and effective online presences for businesses interested in building their customer base.
Search Engine Optimization — Today, Just Having a Web Site isn’t Enough
If potential customers can’t find your Web site, they won’t pick up the phone and call you. So, more than just having a Web site, your business needs a site that is optimized for the search engines. At Totem Web Solutions, we develop our sites to the most up-to-date search engine standards so that search engines like Google and Yahoo can easily find your site.
We combine current search engine optimization best practices with fully optimized, professionally written Web pages that help give your company an advantage over your competitors. These pages are designed in a manner that is easy to navigate and that drives potential consumers towards conversion.
We also offer offsite optimization such as link building and site promotion to ensure that your site continues to get more and more visitors. Even if you already have a site, we offer search engine optimization, Web site consulting, inbound link campaigns and pay-per-click advice to help your site reach its full potential.
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At Totem Web Solutions, we operate our business in an ethical and professional manner and still believe a hand-shake means a great deal. Contact us today to find out how we can help your company grow its online presence.

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Convert your business to online using totem web solutions.

Any traditional business has to switch over to online in the present situation. The survival is at stake for a business if it is not turned to online also. Internet with online business is big competition for the non- computerized businesses. Internet is playing a major role in present day environment. There are so many benefits for online business to stand in the world competition.

All businesses need to switch over to online, to reach the market spread all over the world. It becomes a threat for the business to exist which have not done so far the thought of online and internet market.

When a company is having a website or an individual having a website on behalf of his business, you need a professional website. The World Wide Web has a great scope for the business to expand virtually with little cost and at the same time manage the resources, how long the business may be and how big the business may be. So it is inevitable for any business to be online and the presence will enhance the business market to reach all corners of the world.

All most all the business are switching to internet as there is no alternative. At this point one should notice that the market can be expanded, can reach more customer worldwide through internet, control the business sitting at one place and get all the reports to analyse the data with little effort. It is much cost effective and more lucrative to switch over to online rather continue to old customs and trades.

The order of the day is one need a customized or ready-made things. The best reason is that unique and attractive look matters a lot. In this way customized web solutions are equally important for designing and creating a new website, which appeals your business with a new look. If you are in business it is a best opportunity to get identified yourself in the world of internet market to bring success to your business. So, customized website with attractive features gets identified to attract inflow of traffic to your customized website.

However, one should know that, a beautiful outstanding specially designed website which caters to your business needs is the priority in today’s competition. Web solutions are provided by the website development companies and the professional design and customize the website keeping in view your business goals. That way it is overall performance counts where from selecting domain name to page designing, maintenance and troubleshooting of the website.

Total web solutions offered to companies helps in reducing the administration and operational costs. Return on investment (ROI) will increase largely on account of mechanization over a period. Virtual monitoring of overseas businesses also reduces the man power expenditures. If a team of technical experts are employed, it will become easier for analysis of data and also resolves technical solutions

With the help of internet and software, the business will improve by reaching more number of customers online. Service to the customer is also possible which reduces lot of time to the management of the business to focus on troublesome areas that are to be improved.